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U.S. Bank Stadium in need of $280 million maintenance in the next 10 years

U.S. Bank Stadium

It’s been only a few years since U.S. Bank Stadium opened its doors, but it’s already showing signs of wear and tear. According to an architectural assessment released on Friday, the stadium requires $280 million in maintenance over the next decade, with $48 million needed in the next year alone. The challenge now is to find the funds to support this maintenance, especially for a stadium that opened in 2016.

Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority Chair Michael Vekich revealed that there isn’t enough money to cover the necessary maintenance expenses, as the stadium’s capital improvement fund only holds $16 million. This means that additional funding will have to be secured to ensure that the facility remains one of the best in the NFL.

U.S. Bank Stadium was built to last for decades, but without proper maintenance, it risks losing its reputation as a top-notch venue. The stadium is a source of pride for Minnesota, and it’s essential that the necessary funds are secured to keep it in top condition for years to come.

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