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Robert Griffin III’s NFL Career: A Look at His Time in the League

Robert Griffin III, commonly known as RG3, burst onto the NFL scene in 2012 as a highly anticipated rookie quarterback for the Washington Redskins. His electrifying speed, strong arm, and dynamic playmaking ability made him an instant sensation. However, his career has been marred by injuries and inconsistent play, leading to a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows. Despite the challenges he has faced, RG3’s impact on the league and his resilience in the face of adversity cannot be denied.

Key Takeaways

  • Robert Griffin III was a highly touted quarterback prospect coming out of college, where he won the Heisman Trophy and was drafted second overall by the Washington Redskins.
  • In his rookie year, RG3 led the Redskins to the playoffs and was named Offensive Rookie of the Year, but injuries would soon derail his promising career.
  • After struggling with injuries and inconsistent play in Washington, RG3 was traded to the Cleveland Browns, where he saw limited playing time.
  • RG3 signed with the Baltimore Ravens in 2018 and served as a backup quarterback, making key contributions to the team’s 2019 season.
  • In 2020, RG3 showed promise in the off-season and pre-season, but has yet to see significant playing time. His future in the NFL remains uncertain.

RG3’s College Football Career and Draft Pick

Before his NFL career, RG3 had a standout college football career at Baylor University. He won the Heisman Trophy in 2011, becoming the first player in Baylor history to receive this prestigious award. His dual-threat abilities as a passer and runner made him a nightmare for opposing defenses. In his senior year, he threw for 4,293 yards and 37 touchdowns while also rushing for 699 yards and 10 touchdowns.

His impressive college career led to him being selected as the second overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft by the Washington Redskins. The Redskins traded up to acquire this pick, showing their belief in RG3’s potential. This draft pick was seen as a turning point for the franchise, as they hoped RG3 would be their franchise quarterback for years to come.

Rookie Year Success and Offensive Rookie of the Year Award

RG3’s rookie year with the Washington Redskins was nothing short of spectacular. He immediately made an impact with his dual-threat abilities and led the team to a playoff berth after a four-year absence. He threw for 3,200 yards and 20 touchdowns while also rushing for 815 yards and seven touchdowns.

His exceptional performance earned him the Offensive Rookie of the Year award, further solidifying his status as one of the league’s most promising young quarterbacks. RG3’s ability to make plays with his arm and legs made him a nightmare for opposing defenses, and he quickly became a fan favorite in Washington.

Injury-Plagued Seasons and Struggles in Washington

Player Season Injury Games Missed Performance
Robert Griffin III 2013 Torn LCL and ACL 7 2,832 passing yards, 16 TDs, 12 INTs
Trent Williams 2019 Suspension 5 N/A
Chris Thompson 2017 Fractured Fibula 6 294 rushing yards, 2 TDs, 510 receiving yards, 4 TDs
Jordan Reed 2017 Concussion 10 27 receptions, 211 yards, 2 TDs
Derrius Guice 2018 Torn ACL 16 N/A

Unfortunately, RG3’s promising start was derailed by a series of injuries that plagued him throughout his time in Washington. In the 2012 playoffs, he suffered a knee injury that required surgery and affected his performance in subsequent seasons. Despite his efforts to return to form, he struggled with consistency and was unable to replicate the success of his rookie year.

Additionally, there were reports of tension between RG3 and the coaching staff, which further hindered his development. The Redskins’ struggles as a team also contributed to the overall decline in RG3’s performance. Ultimately, after four seasons with the team, RG3 was released by the Redskins in 2016.

Trade to Cleveland Browns and Limited Playing Time

Following his departure from Washington, RG3 signed with the Cleveland Browns in 2016. However, his time with the Browns was plagued by injuries and limited playing time. He suffered a shoulder injury in the season opener and was placed on injured reserve, missing most of the season.

In 2017, RG3 returned to the Browns but served as a backup quarterback behind DeShone Kizer. He saw limited playing time and struggled to make an impact when given the opportunity. After two seasons with the Browns, RG3 became a free agent once again.

Signing with Baltimore Ravens and Backup Quarterback Role

In 2018, RG3 signed with the Baltimore Ravens as a backup quarterback behind Lamar Jackson. This move provided him with an opportunity to learn from one of the league’s most dynamic young quarterbacks and potentially revive his career.

RG3 embraced his role as a mentor to Jackson and worked hard to improve his skills during practice. While he saw limited playing time, his presence on the team was valued for his experience and leadership. The Ravens’ coaching staff praised RG3 for his professionalism and dedication to the team.

RG3’s Contributions to the Ravens’ 2019 Season

In the 2019 season, RG3’s contributions to the Ravens went beyond the field. As a backup quarterback, he played a crucial role in helping Lamar Jackson prepare for games and providing valuable insights during film study. His experience and knowledge of the game were invaluable to the team’s success.

On the field, RG3 saw limited playing time but made the most of his opportunities. He completed 12 of 17 passes for 129 yards and a touchdown, showcasing his ability to still make plays when called upon. The Ravens finished the regular season with a league-best 14-2 record, and RG3’s contributions were recognized by his teammates and coaches.

Off-Season and Pre-Season Performance in 2020

During the off-season and pre-season in 2020, RG3 continued to work hard to improve his skills and contribute to the team. He focused on refining his mechanics and studying film to better understand opposing defenses. His dedication to his craft was evident in his performances during practice and pre-season games.

RG3’s improved play during pre-season games caught the attention of fans and analysts alike. He displayed better accuracy and decision-making, leading to several impressive drives and touchdown passes. While he remained in a backup role behind Lamar Jackson, RG3’s performance showed that he still had the ability to be a starting quarterback in the league.

Current Status and Future Prospects in the NFL

As of now, RG3 remains with the Baltimore Ravens as their backup quarterback. While he has not had many opportunities to showcase his skills on the field, he has proven himself to be a valuable asset to the team in terms of his leadership and mentorship to Lamar Jackson.

Looking ahead, RG3’s future prospects in the NFL are uncertain. While he has shown flashes of his talent and potential, injuries and inconsistent play have hindered his career. However, his work ethic and determination to improve cannot be overlooked. If given the opportunity, RG3 has the potential to make a significant impact on a team and revive his career.

Reflections on Robert Griffin III’s NFL Career and Legacy

Reflecting on RG3’s NFL career, it is clear that injuries have played a significant role in hindering his progress. However, his impact on the league and his resilience in the face of adversity cannot be denied. RG3’s rookie year success and Offensive Rookie of the Year award showcased his immense talent and potential.

While injuries and struggles have plagued him since then, RG3’s dedication to improving and contributing to his team has been commendable. His role as a mentor to Lamar Jackson and his contributions to the Ravens’ success in 2019 highlight his professionalism and leadership.

RG3’s legacy in the NFL will be one of perseverance and resilience. Despite facing numerous setbacks, he has never given up on his dream of being a successful quarterback in the league. His impact on future generations of players cannot be underestimated, as he has shown that hard work and determination can overcome even the toughest challenges.

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