January 1, 2023: Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers 12 celebrates scoring a touchdown during a game against the Minnesota Vikings in Green Bay, Wisconsin. /Cal Media Green Bay United States of America - ZUMAc04_ 20230101_zaf_c04_315 Copyright: xKirstenxSchmittx

Are the Packers back?

The Green Bay Packers have made a remarkable turnaround in the past month, going from a 4-8 record to being in the mix for a wild-card spot.

Last week’s win over the Miami Dolphins was their third consecutive victory, and they followed it up with a dominant 41-17 win over the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. The final score does not accurately reflect the extent of the Packers’ dominance, as they led 41-3 before the Vikings scored a couple of garbage-time touchdowns to make the result seem somewhat respectable.

These performances have shown that the Packers should not have been ruled out too quickly and that the Vikings may not be as strong as their 12-win record suggests.

The Green Bay Packers have been able to turn their season around due in large part to their defense, which has improved significantly after struggling early on.

In their recent victories over the Miami Dolphins and Minnesota Vikings, the defense recorded three interceptions in each game, including a strong performance against the Vikings’ top receiver.

While quarterback Aaron Rodgers still plays a critical role for the team, the defense has been the key to their success, particularly in games where Rodgers has had sub-200 passing yards.

The Green Bay Packers have experienced an impressive late-season surge, leading to the possibility of a decisive Week 18 matchup at home against the Detroit Lions. The National Football League may choose to feature this game as the Sunday night match.

The Lions, also among the league’s most successful teams recently, pose a formidable challenge for the Packers, with many in the football community hoping for their victory over a team that has consistently dominated their division.

However, given the Packers’ recent performances, it seems unlikely that they will be unsuccessful in their efforts to secure a win at Lambeau Field.

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