NBA Lakers vs Bulls - NBA drops marijuana-testing

NBA drops marijuana testing: will the NFL follow suit?

It’s been three years since the NFL made a significant reduction to penalties for marijuana use. Yet, the league still requires players to undergo drug testing. However, the NBA has recently taken a different approach. The National Basketball Players Association and the NBA have finalized their new Collective Bargaining Agreement. Notably, it no longer includes marijuana in its drug-testing program.

This change raises the question of whether the NFL will do the same. The NFL is steadfast on its ban on marijuana, claiming that it’s part of the collective bargaining agreement. But with more states legalizing marijuana for both medicinal and recreational use, it may not be long before the NFL changes its tune.

While the NFL still imposes fines for players caught using marijuana, it’s widely acknowledged that the substance has medicinal value and is safer than the powerful narcotics given to players for pain. Moreover, the NFL is a meritocracy that depends on player performance, so it’s unlikely that anyone who wants to stay on the field will show up to practice high.

It’s time for the NFL to ditch its prohibition on marijuana entirely. The league must recognize that marijuana has become an accepted part of modern society, and players should be allowed to use it without fear of repercussion.

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