Paternity test for Cowboys owner Jerry Jones

A Texas judge has ordered Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to undergo a paternity test as part of a legal dispute with Alexandra Davis, a 26-year-old woman who claims that Jones is her biological father.

Jones’ attorneys have stated that they intend to appeal the decision.

The paternity case was brought by Davis in April, after she dropped a previous lawsuit in which she had sought to void a legal agreement between Jones and her mother, Cynthia Davis, that was made in 1998.

The agreement allegedly stipulated that Jones would provide financial support to Davis and her daughter, but only on the condition that they did not publicly acknowledge him as Alexandra’s father.

Jones has denied being the father and has been married to his wife, Gene, since 1963. They have three children, all of whom hold front office roles with the Cowboys.

In her original lawsuit, Davis claimed that Jones and her mother, who was also married at the time, had a relationship while she was working for American Airlines in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The alleged settlement required Jones to pay Cynthia Davis $375,000 and provided for regular payments and lump sum payments to Alexandra Davis at certain ages.

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